About JP Family Vineyards

The “JP” in JP Family Vineyards is Jerry Pate. Jerry worked for many years for Fred Aves at Yverdon (now Terra Valentine). Yverdon was a boutique winery on Spring Mountain, producing small lots of Cabernet and other varietals. As a key member of the team at Yverdon, Jerry was engaged in all aspects of winemaking and vineyard management. After Yverdon was sold to Terra Valentine in 1999, Jerry left for other pursuits. He teamed up with his daughter and other family members to create JP Family Vineyards. The vineyard shares the land with the fruit trees and vegetable gardens of Hurley Farms (see www.hurleyfarms.com for our wonderful small batch jams, jellies, vinegars and other delicious treats). Our two English bulldogs, Libby and Tank, carefully supervise all activity in the vineyard and farm.

The Vineyard

Our Syrah is sustainably grown on our 4 acre family farm adjacent to the Napa River in the Oak Knoll Appellation on the floor of the Napa Valley. The climate moderating influence of the San Pablo Bay makes this district ideal for slow and full fruit development. Two acres of our land is planted with 2,000 vines, with the remainder shared with the fruit trees and vegetable gardens of Hurley Farms (see www.hurleyfarms.com for our small batch jams, jellies, and other delicious treats). Syrah is a vigorous varietal and our yield is controlled to a moderate level by hand pruning vines and thinning clusters to reach an ideal balance.

The Vintners

For our first and second vintages (2004 and 2005), we were lucky to hook up with Jason Ball. Jason is a wonderful winemaker, having worked with a number of wineries, including Brick Angel, David Hill Winery, and St. Barthelemy Cellars.

Subsequent vintages have been under the watchful care of Mike Duffy. Mike is a talented winemaker, especially with limited production wines, and knows just how to bring out the best in our grapes with minimal intervention. He worked with Trefethen and Field Stone, before starting his own winery, Optima.

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